Water and Watercolours

It's been all about water today. Although Jono recently had Botox and pain management injections for his chronic back pain he is still in a lot of pain in the parts where he wasn't injected. A friend invited us to use a hot tub and it made such a difference to Jono. Water is so... Continue Reading →

A Friday Chat

I'm calling it a chat because when I type I feel like I'm chatting to you so grab a coffee, take a seat and join me on my rambles. Speaking of coffee there is a coffee morning on Monday in The Blind Tiger, Sligo 10am - 12 noon...come and join us. The tattoo seems to... Continue Reading →

Plotting and Planning

I've been plotting and planning, lots of ideas as always, and I was delighted to get the art supplies above from a voucher that the family gave me for Christmas. I love painting and drawing, it's such a enjoyable thing to do. I might not be very good at it but it's very relaxing. I... Continue Reading →


Well I finished the painting today....it's not the best but it is my first attempt at painting anything and I've only had a few lessons (that's my excuse). You wanted to see it so here it is. It was meant to look like this:

Art and mountains

I went to my first art class today. It's something I've always wanted to try and I really enjoyed...even though my photography skills are way better than my art skills. It's safe to say Picasso has nothing to worry about. The people are very friendly and the teacher is great at explaining things. I'm looking... Continue Reading →

Car Boot Sale and other things

Well I have lots to tell you but haven't had much time lately. You'll be glad to know the painting is finished! (Well apart from a couple of windows but they don't involve ladders so that's OK). The above photo is from Dublin, I took Jono there during the week.....I will tell you all about... Continue Reading →

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