Glencar Lake Reflections

There’s something so soothing about the water, just being near it helps me to relax. After a few busy days and some lousy weather I was delighted to see a bright day so I headed to Glencar Lake. The lake is on the border of County Sligo and County Leitrim – although the waterfall itself is in Leitrim (often mistakenly placed in Sligo).

The lake is in Glencar Valley, and you can get amazing views of it from the layby on the N16 Sligo – Manorhamilton Road, or if you climb King’s Mountain. There are also amazing views from Glencar Alpacas (well worth a visit).

The best place to explore the lake is down in the valley, the water is so clear and the air is so clean. It’s so special there early in the morning and you’ll almost have the place to yourself. Although I was delighted to see some kayakers and even more delighted when one of them (Jason Kennedy Construction) took my photo.

As soon as I took photos the light completely changed and the reflections were gone. It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

I saw a few cars stopping on the road to take photos, but there are plenty of places to pull in and park the car, stretch the legs and have an explore. If you are walking on the road do wear a high-viz vest and be aware that some of the cars go fairly fast down that road – especially if they aren’t used to the road/walkers.

While you in Glencar do pay a visit to the Waterfall, it’s now also on the Yeats Trail, so you can see the sculpture, and perhaps check out the rest of the trail too. There are 14 locations on the trail that have connections with the poet W. B. Yeats – full details here:

There’s a car park opposite the walk to the waterfall and there are toilets there too. Check out Glencar TeaShed too, for cakes, lunch, or coffee.

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  1. Val this is an amazing place. We have been there in the past and we will be comoing back this September. My wife and I would love to meet you and your family, I hope this can be worked out. Your friend from Ohio, Jack

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