Anxiety is real

I don’t know about you but I have a ‘committee’ in my head – and they aren’t a nice committee. They aren’t there all the time but when they are they are like a nagging parent.

Last month I told myself that if I was in the final of the #sockies22 Social Media Awards that I would go to the awards ceremony this time. I didn’t go last year for a number of reasons and when I won (and was totally surprised) I celebrated by loading the dishwasher.

I’m in the final again this year – and I know I’m not going to win, after all I’m up against Taryn, the most colourful woman in Ireland – who really deserves to win, and I’ve talked myself out of going.

Money is a big issue – petrol, ticket (and hotels are just out of the question) but not just that, the pure anxiety of going. I don’t have a team, it’s just me. I won’t know anyone. I’m scared of Covid. Well I’m just scared in general. I’ve spent so long inside four walls that I think I’ve become stuck in my ways. I’m much better behind a laptop, it’s easier to type than talk.

Now that I’ve got these words out I can put this back in the box in my head and tell the committee to go for a long walk. There is probably a podcast in this.

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  1. Val, the only person you have to answer to is yourself, I know, I kniw there are family and friends, but you know uourself best and what is best for you so do just that, what you think is best for you. You can always get input from family and friends but in the end it always has to be your decision. Your friend Jack from Ohio

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