Keep the faith

It’s a year ago since my life started to turn around. It was a tough time leading up to it and I really didn’t think I’d get back to being me or the me I was before the depression kicked in.

But here I am. Back with a bang. Not back to being the old me, but a calmer, wiser version. I learned so much about myself in the months and years I was stuck, not only in a rut but also in my head. It was a scary place to be at times but there was stuff I needed to deal with.

It felt like I pressed the pause button on life for a while but I’m firmly on play now. I know the pause button is there if I need it.

People often ask me what I recommend for recovery and it’s very hard to answer that because although things may have worked for me they may not work for everyone. We’re all different. But here are some things that helped:

  • The big one is try to get sleep or rest, this is quite amusing as here I am writing a blog at 4 am.
  • Find something that relaxes you. For me it’s painting. For others it might be running, walking, gardening, reading. Whatever it is make time to do it.
  • Tell your inner critic to take a hike. There’s enough negativity in the world without your inner voice adding to it.
  • Talk to people. People who you trust. You’ll soon find out who they are.
  • Listen. A big turning point for me was going to a conference and listening to what one if the speakers said. She said if you have something to ask someone just ask them. The worst they can say is no. This advice led to where I am now.
  • Be kind to yourself. You have to become your own best friend. Ultimately you know what you need.
  • Make time to do something you love. Whatever it is. For me it’s visiting places of interest or gardens.
  • Drink plenty…and not alcohol or coffee. I’m a big fan of herbal tea especially the heart warming one, it’s so nice.
  • Try to eat nutritious food. This is a tough one, when I was at my worst I just wanted chips, usually at some ungodly hour of the night. Or I just wouldn’t eat. I found that eating healthier did make me feel better even though I’d much rather eat cake. Everything in moderation though.
  • Learn to say no. You can’t be everything to everyone and as someone said to me recently every no is a yes to something you want to do.

I hope this blog helps in some way. Those who know me in real life have seen the difference in me and if I can do it you can too.


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  1. Val, I have followed your blog for quite a while and I think this one is one of your best, but definitely the most important one to date. Thanks. Tish of Enniscrone and Philadelphia!

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