Farewell January

This month has felt like it was at least 300 days long, well to me anyway. It’s not been a bad month though. I managed to stay on the wagon with dry January – not a drop of alcohol has been consumed. Even more surprisingly I haven’t had any cake and those who know me will know what a miracle that is. There’s also still half a Christmas cake in the cupboard and a load of treats and I haven’t touched them.

I’ve been watching what I eat and putting everything in My Fitness Pal (it’s a free app on your phone). It’s a handy way of keeping an eye on things – even if it drives me mad sometimes. I’ve found the healthy eating quite easy and to be honest I haven’t missed cake or sweets.

I’ve lost 8 lbs in weight and am now out of the obese category according to the BMI charts, although I’m not sure how accurate they are. My jeans aren’t digging into me now either so that’s good too.

I’ll keep on with the healthy eating and I’ll probably stay off the alcohol too, it’s another thing I haven’t really missed. Although February is my birthday month so I’m sure there’ll be a little bit of cake on that day. I don’t know where my willpower has come from but I’m glad to see it 🙂



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