I went along to the WellExpo in Donegal Town today. I was very excited to meet writer Sharon Thompson, I’ve read her books and loved them and when I found she was doing a writing workshop I had to go along.

Sharon is just lovely, you know when you meet someone and like them immediately? Well that was how I felt about Sharon. I have to admit I chewed her ear off about our charity book and apologies to anyone I meet these days because it’s my new passion.

Sharon gave lots of interesting advice about writing. One was just do it and yes I’d agree with that. I started this blog 11 years ago and did it to get stuff out of my head. It still works for me, in fact it’s a form of therapy. When the thoughts are out in cyberspace the head quietens a little.

I also loved that Sharon said you don’t have to rush into writing your own story. It will always be there. That’s really great advice, I thought about writing a memoir… Surprisingly not everything in my life is up on this blog. I just felt it would be too raw to go back and dredge up the past. Sharon made me think that maybe one day the time might be right, but not today.

Sharon gave the group prompts and props to trigger an idea for a story. I didn’t come up with a story but I did come up with some words.

A Russian Doll was one of the items, so I wrote:

The Russian Doll, hold her too tightly and she falls apart, revealing layer after layer. All looking the same but emotionless. Larger than life but really quite small when you get to her centre. Much like most of us.

Not great writing at all but it was done in about two minutes… Well that’s my excuse anyway.

Sharon is a very inspirational lady and it was a pleasure to meet her. You can find out more about her here:  http://www.sharontwriter.com/

Thank you also to Barbara for organising the event. It was a great day.

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