Sunday Sunday

March seems to be flying, or is that just me? There have been a lot of different events that I’ve been to and I was thinking back to how I was this time last year. I used to turn up to things, take one look at everyone and leave again. I started to push myself to stay for five minutes, ten minutes and so on. Each minute was an accomplishment.

They were the same kind of events that I was at over the past week. This time I didn’t have to bargain with myself to stay. I found myself relaxed and smiling at people. Now that might not sound like a big deal but after the anxiety issues it’s huge. Not only was I relaxed I was even joining in conversations! With strangers!

When things didn’t start on time, which is quite a regular occurrence here in Ireland, I just went for a coffee on my own and waited for them to begin. I didn’t rush back to the car and head off home.

I can’t begin to tell you have liberating it was! My nerves were nowhere to be seen and I enjoyed all the events I went to. In fact I’m planning a couple of day trips and looking forward to them. I’m not overthinking things as I would have done before.

It’s amazing how far I’ve come in such a short space of time and most importantly how relaxed I feel – without any medication! So if you are having a tough old time of things hang on in there. Things can and will get better.

About magnumlady

Photographer, blogger, hooked on social media. Based in Sligo, Ireland. Passionate about Ireland and always looking for the next adventure.

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