Sunday Thoughts

It's hard to believe that next Sunday will be Christmas Day, and I am not organised in the slightest. A week of being at home due to the ice certainly didn't help, but the temperatures are picking up - although I had a false sense of security today when I went out for a walk... Continue Reading →

Imposter Syndrome

Move over mindfulness there's a new buzz word in town. Just lately I've been seeing talk of imposter syndrome all over the place. Andrea Mara, who's a fantastic writer (check out her books), was on Ireland AM last week talking about it. You can watch back here, if you aren't in Ireland you might not... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sunday

March seems to be flying, or is that just me? There have been a lot of different events that I've been to and I was thinking back to how I was this time last year. I used to turn up to things, take one look at everyone and leave again. I started to push myself... Continue Reading →

Getting Focused

There's a change on the horizon. I can feel it, in fact at this stage I can almost see it. It's been looming for a while but it's getting closer. The love of photography is back with a bang and for weeks I've been waking up at some ridiculous hour wanting to climb a mountain.... Continue Reading →

Words are like weapons

Back to reality today - part of me wants to head off again - well I will be next week but more about that later. There I was minding my own business today when I got told "Anyone can take a photo" - said to me - out of nowhere. Luckily I'm in a much... Continue Reading →

Coffee mornings and connections

Ah lads the insomnia is getting out of control. I haven't had the phone next to the bed for a week and I'm still wide awake at 2am. All sorts of things go through my head, it's like a non-stop movie. I finally gave up and came downstairs and here I am....prepare for a ramble.... Continue Reading →

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