Turf and Treats

I decided to start celebrating my birthday early and when I say early I mean ten days early. Although to be fair it’s been a year of celebrating. For me 50 is definitely the new 40. I’ve been much more grounded and comfortable. I think being 50 suits me.

On Friday I headed to Rosses Point. Last year the family got me a spa bath voucher so I booked a Peat Bath. Peat is otherwise known as turf and I’ve always fancied bog snorkelling so this was the next best thing.

Sligo food

Before the bath I went for breakfast in The Driftwood. I’ve never been there before so I was keen to try it. The food was delicious and it was lovely looking out at the ocean and the waves.

So on to the bath. It’s a bit strange getting into a bath full of brown water but once I’d got over that it was very relaxing. Storm Erik was battering the window and I was warm and relaxed in my peat bath. It doesn’t smell of anything in case you are wondering and it just feels like a normal bath – apart from the small bits of peat that you see floating around.

The lady in the spa said you don’t have to shower afterwards unless you want to but to be fair I didn’t fancy getting dressed with traces of peat on me. I’ve read the Danu Ishka website (where the peat comes from) and they recommend a shower.

There are a lot of health benefits to bathing in peat, after all it’s probably one of the most natural products you can get. My skin felt really soft afterwards and I was very relaxed, in fact I could have gone for a sleep!

I love trying new things and I would go for both the breakfast and the bath again.


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  1. Well! A great subject always inspires more questions. How much turf to water? Was turf finely ground, or clumps that might clog a bath drain? Is this a Do Not Try This At Home experience? It sounds wonderful, esp the soft skin afterward part.

    1. It was very finely ground, no big lumps so it went down the plug hole OK. The company sell it for use at home too – so it’s not just mud from the garden šŸ™‚

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