Making something out of nothing

I’m still stabbing away at needle felt but I fancied trying something else. I wanted to try to sew something – even though I spent most of my school days trying to get out of sewing classes!

Mind you that was more to do with the teacher rather than the sewing. To cut a long story short I had some old material and an old pillow so I tried to make a doll. In hindsight I should have made a pattern but I just went for it and of course it’s wonky but that’s about the norm. I sewed it by hand because I don’t have a machine (you can tell because of the dodgy seams).

To finish it off I needle felted it with bits and pieces of wool that I had. For a first attempt I’m quite happy with it, even if she does look a bit freaky! I’m quite amazed that I actually managed to make it. I really want to make more things now and I’d love to get a sewing machine because I have a lot of ideas but it’s time consuming (and in my case messy) sewing by hand.

I’m looking forward to my next project.

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  1. You should try needlepoint or cross stitch. I did the latter many years ago and it’s so relaxing. And the designs these days are so beautiful. I started out with very small pieces that take just a few hours to bigger ones that might take a month or more, depending on how frequently you go at it.

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