Flagging Friday

It’s been a week of getting back into the old routine again, apart from New Year’s Day. I’ve found it really difficult to be honest. I’ve loved being at home, chilling, reading, walking the dogs and needle felting. More about the needle felting in another post.

I was beginning to wonder why I was finding things so difficult and the early mornings that I usually don’t mind were such an effort. At the end of the day I’ve trudged up the stairs to bed and I’ve also started to get mouth ulcers and then I realised – I’m due my B12 injection. In fact I’m about a week late to have it. I’ve booked in for Monday and I actually can’t wait!

Hopefully my energy will return soon. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. I’d urge everyone to get a blood test done to check, just in case you might be lacking in B12 or something else.

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