Happy 2019

I was in a reflective mood yesterday, it was back to reality but as I drove to work first I saw swans flying overhead and a pheasant running along the pavement. As I carried on the most beautiful deer* jumped out in front of the car, thank goodness for good brakes! The deer stopped and looked at me for what seemed like ages but was probably just a few seconds before it bounded off again. It was a pleasure to witness such a beautiful creature.

I’ve already done the look back over 2018 which you can read here. It was a good year though. Very busy but on the whole very enjoyable. Also a year where I faced a lot of fears and sorted out a lot of outstanding issues. As a result I’m proud of myself.

I don’t have any plans for 2019. The plan is that there is no plan. The best things last year happened naturally so I’m just going to see back and wait. Sometimes I think there is a higher being that will look after me anyway, no matter what.

Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2019 will be kind to you and that you have health, happiness and all you need. Thank you all so much for reading the blog, all 111,000 of you in 2018!

* the pic is not the actual deer but one I took earlier šŸ˜‰

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