Looking back at 2018

It’s that strange time of year after Christmas but before New Year, it’s like being in limbo. I went out today and didn’t know if I should wish people a Happy Christmas, Happy New Year or happy whatever day it happens to be. At this stage I’ve lost track.

So looking back at 2018 it’s been a really good year overall. I turned 50 in February and I have to say, so far, life begins at 50!

I stopped taking the antidepressants in April as I still think I was put on them way too quickly without any other thought or suggestion. I found they made me extremely anxious and my sleep pattern was all over the place, when I did sleep I was getting horrendous nightmares. I also found it really difficult to focus and concentrate. This is not to say that antidepressants are bad, if you need them take them, but they weren’t right for me.

I’ve seen a bit of the world this year including two trips to Poland (Auschwitz and Lodz) and I loved both trips. I also went to Romania which was an interesting country but quite stressful regarding the amount of travel.

Art has been a big part of 2018, I’ve tried lots of new things and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve found the Sligo artists that I’ve spent time with to be very supportive and encouraging.

I had the chance to photograph some of the Sligo festivals this year. I’ve also been helping Sligo PPN with their Social Media for the last few weeks and I’ve really enjoyed that. Sadly it’s coming to an end but it’s made me more passionate about community groups and that’s a direction I’d like to perhaps move in.

I also worked in Ireland West Airport, Knock, over the summer and loved it there. I was doing market research which I never thought I’d like but it was brilliant. I loved working in such a busy environment and loved meeting people too.

One of the biggest things this year was the start of the Sligo Hub website. My friend Kate, who is a talented web designer, teamed up with me and and Sligo Hub was born. It’s enabled me to free up this blog to cover other things and leave the hub to concentrate on Sligo. The website is doing really well, it’s had over 80,000 views in nine months and the Social Media side of it is flying, who knows it might pay a small wage at some stage.

So that’s 2018 in a nutshell, it’s been a good year for me. I hope it’s been kind to you too.


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