Happy 2019

I was in a reflective mood yesterday, it was back to reality but as I drove to work first I saw swans flying overhead and a pheasant running along the pavement. As I carried on the most beautiful deer* jumped out in front of the car, thank goodness for good brakes! The deer stopped and... Continue Reading →

Happy 2018

Well I survived 2017, it was a tough year for me as you all know but I feel I've come out the other side stronger. I believe that whatever 2018 has in store for me I will deal with it. I'm also sincerely hoping that I don't carry on the year as I started today... Continue Reading →

Happy 2017

Well as you can see we celebrated New Year's Eve with much merriment. You can just feel the party vibe going on here. This is the first year in quite a while that Lucy has joined us, she saw how much fun we've had previously! Laurence, her boyfriend, also came along to join the festivities.... Continue Reading →

Happy 2013

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. This was the sunrise this morning in Sligo as I walked the dog. I'm still battling this cold, I've had it all over Christmas although I did stay up to see the New Year in...which consisted of us all sitting around the Royale Family,... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Ok I'm early but never mind. We are still 'iced' in. I tried to get out yesterday and Bertie (the car) just slid across the drive. I didn't want to leave him there incase he ended up sliding into the road. So I went out with salt and... Continue Reading →

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