Looking back at 2018

It's that strange time of year after Christmas but before New Year, it's like being in limbo. I went out today and didn't know if I should wish people a Happy Christmas, Happy New Year or happy whatever day it happens to be. At this stage I've lost track. So looking back at 2018 it's... Continue Reading →

Happy 2018

Well I survived 2017, it was a tough year for me as you all know but I feel I've come out the other side stronger. I believe that whatever 2018 has in store for me I will deal with it. I'm also sincerely hoping that I don't carry on the year as I started today... Continue Reading →

Life through a window

I'll be glad when 2018 is here, new year, new start and all that. It might stop me being so maudlin. I'm sitting here at the kitchen table with its garishly bright Christmas tablecloth listening to hard hitting questions on the radio: "Is the bingo on tonight?" I'm thinking about people who have come and... Continue Reading →

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