Coffee, companionship….and chest pains

We had our Annual Fundraising Coffee Morning for Havin’ a Laugh today and it was a lovely morning with great support….so why do I feel like an eejit?

Because I forgot one of the raffle prizes. We were offered a fantastic alpaca walk for four people and somehow I forgot all about it this morning. So we did the raffle, minus the walk and I only realised when I got home.

Sometimes my head is like a sieve and this evening I feel so bad I have the old anxiety pain back in my chest. It’s so long since I’ve had this pain I’d forgotten how bad it is.

On the positive side, and there’s always a positive side, we’ll have a mini raffle at the next coffee morning on the 3rd of December. So if you are in Sligo on that date do call in to The Blind Tiger and you might be walking with alpacas.

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