Thursday Thoughts

A bit of everything this week. Some good and some not so good. I’ve had the old anxiety chest pains a couple of times after being fine for months so I’m going to have to keep an eye on that.

In one way this week has been infuriating. I thought I had a new little temporary job sorted out but I felt like I was having to jump through hoops. I’ve come to the conclusion if nothing goes straightforward it’s a warning to me not to do it. In the end I’ve decided not to pursue this one and I ended up in an awful mood because I felt let down by company.

Just when all this was happening my friend sent me a message to ask if I wanted to go to see Bohemian Rhapsody in the cinema. I said no to begin with because I was so cheesed off but I changed my mind and thought a night out might do me good….I’m so glad I went. The film was absolutely brilliant and I really enjoyed spending time with my friend.

I haven’t been to the cinema in well over a year and now it’s an Omniplex it’s brilliant. With the old Sligo cinema the films used to be so quiet you could often hear the film in the next screen. Not so now in the Omniplex – the sound was perfect, it was like being at a Queen concert. I just about managed not to join in with Radio Ga Ga but it was a close call. Just on a side note (and this isn’t a sponsored post) if you sign up to their website and book online you’ll save 10%. Also every Tuesday it’s €6 for all films. It might save you a few bob 🙂






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