A year ago

It’s a year ago since I started my recovery from depression.

A year ago since Havin’alaugh sent me a voucher for a seaweed bath.

A year ago since the beach walk where I started taking photos again.

A year ago since life stopped feeling like I was trudging through treacle.

A year ago since I went on a road trip reluctantly with Andy but fell into a river and felt like a child again.

A year ago since I started smiling properly again.

A year and a month ago since I found out I was lacking in B12 and got injections of it. See the connection?

If you think there’s something going on with your mental health and it’s appeared out of the blue please get your B12 and Vitamin D levels checked. I’m not saying it’s the cause in all cases but I really think it was a bit part of mine and if it wasn’t for Siobhan O’Farrell Nutrionist I’d have been none the wiser.

The difference in me in a year is unbelievable. I think I’m going through a second childhood but it’s great. I’m looking at life through new eyes. I’m getting new opportunities. The things that used to bother me don’t phase me at all and I’ve learnt so much about myself, not least that I kind of like myself and that’s a big thing.

I’m still learning. I’ll always be learning but that dark hole that used to feel like it was swallowing me has all but disappeared.

I’m learning to trust people again. Not least myself. There is always hope, even if at the moment you don’t feel like there is. Mind yourselves and thanks to you all for your support in my worst times.

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