Mindful Moments

There have been a few times this week where I actually found myself totally relaxed.

For me this is nothing short of a miracle because even if I’m sitting down my mind is usually galloping ahead.

The first moment was on Sunday. I was going to a drawing class but had a bit of time so I took a detour to a secluded spot near the sea.

I went for a walk and although I took a couple of photos I didn’t go online. I enjoyed the sun beating down, listened to the seagulls cry and watched the seals splashing about in the water. I noticed the heart shaped seaweed and the starlings searching for their breakfast in it. I was perfectly content and relaxed.

The relaxation carried on to the drawing class where at times I was so chilled I could have fallen asleep. There’s something almost hypnotic about the sound of pencil on paper.

The next profound moment happened on my way into work at Knock airport. I was in for the early shift on Tuesday and I love driving on the quiet lanes before the world has woken up.

As I approached the airport a hare crossed the road. He stopped for a moment and gazed up at the statue of Monseigner Horan before hopping away. It was a perfect moment of stillness and I felt lucky to have seen it.

In a busy world it’s hard to disconnect from all the noise and always being tapped in to some form of media. When I stop and start to notice things around me it makes such a difference.

I’ve even had two good night’s sleep. Thanks to the piriton rather than the relaxation! Small steps. Learning to relax first and the sleep will follow.

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