Selfies and summer festivals

Well it’s been a bit of an exciting day and you’d think I’d be wrecked but of course I’m wide awake.

The morning started off meeting my friend Ann. It’s been a while since I saw her so we had a leisurely coffee and catch up and it was just lovely.

On the way home I was getting petrol and in the queue I was behind someone who I recognised. I couldn’t figure out where from and it finally clicked it was Markus Feehily (Westflife). So I plucked up the courage to ask for a pic. I told him I’m useless taking selfies so bless him he offered to take it for me. He looks fantastic and I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards even though he told me I looked lovely…sigh. He’s such a nice person and although I’ve met him once before it’s the first time I’ve got a photo with him.

This evening Lucy and Laurence came over and we went to the Sligo Summer Festival. It’s on all weekend and it’s just €3 admission. There are some fantastic acts playing. Tonight was Example so I met up with my friend Blathnaid and off we went.

First stop was The Swagman because I really wanted a peanut butter stack and haven’t had cake in weeks. It was fab as always.

When we got into the concert car park Tabby and Marie Conway and band were playing. They were brilliant and I could have listened to them all night. The highlight was Maniac 2000 because that’s mine and Lucy’s dance tune. I have to admit I turned into a bit of a maniac dancing…sorry Blathnaid!

Next up was DJ Trolley. I think if I was a DJ I’d be called unexpected item in bagging area. He was followed by DJ Wire, both were brilliant but I tell you I felt every bit of my age. We were surrounded by younger folk and I was wondering how half of them didn’t catch a chill….Mammy sayings! There was a mixture of smells – hair spray, Lynx and farts but all in all there was a great vibe.

Then Example appeared on stage and the place went wild. He was great and I loved the lighting and pyrotechnics. I also loved being in the crowd and not stuck up the front taking photos. I could dance away safe in the knowledge that no one could see me and I won’t end up on Facebook….hopefully!

I have to say well done to all the organisers on an amazing event but sorry Example Tabby stole the show for me.

The festival continues with Mundy headlining on Saturday and Mike Denver on Sunday.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous time and so much going on in Sligo town. Wish I had been there, I would have been dancing too!

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