Clarification about Sligo Hub

On the back of the lovely interview on Up and Running with Claire Ronan on Ocean FM yesterday about Sligo Hub I seem to have opened up a can of worms so I’m putting the record straight.

I wasn’t going to address this issue but when the #sligohub is being used in a negative way I will defend it. If you have read the blog over the last 9 years you will know that I have always promoted Sligo in a positive way. You will also know that I’ve had mental health issues. It was getting to the stage where covering both on the same platform was messy. A Sligo website was always in my mind, in fact I had Sligo Secrets in 2014 but as I was paying for the domain, website  etc. I could no longer afford to do so.

The Sligo Facebook page stayed live and this need for a website continued to be there. Not just a tourist website but one for the people of Sligo to tell them what’s out there. I was chatting to my friend Kate over the last number of years, Kate is a website designer, so we have teamed up to produce Sligo Hub.

It has been suggested that there should have been nominations as to who runs Sligo Hub – I don’t understand this as it’s our idea. I’ve yet to see any business have nominations about who should run it.

We are not funded by any state body, nor have we approached any of them. I would welcome anyone to start their own website to promote the area they live in. In fact I’d encourage them to do so. It’s very interesting finding what is out there in your area but it’s a lot of hard work too. For me though it’s a labour of love. We have been lucky that five private business have come on board to sponsor Sligo Hub and with their help the website is paid for. Neither Kate or I take wages and although it would be lovely if, at some stage, it did provide a wage, at the moment we are happy to be volunteers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that this clears up any confusion that may be out there.

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  1. 👏
    As a neighbouring county dweller I love all the infomation you provide and wish we had similiar enthusiasm here for promoting our county

  2. Oh dear, the politics people try to apply to stuff. The process of nominations etc. would just mean indecisions and nothing done, and what is done not done well. The way you two handle Sligo Hub is just fine. Full of passion and focus … and gets it out there!

  3. I couldn’t think of anyone better to promote a county I love, and live a mere 200 meters from the border :)) when I first came to Ireland in 1991 I lived for 6 years in North Sligo. I only moved, just over the border, when my dream dwelling with some land became available. I can believe that people are pathetic enough to raise objections, but as they literally are in a tiny category of disgruntled and miserable folk, who object to everything, I think that ignoring them is the best strategy.

  4. I did see the attacks on Twitter, sour grapes from a man who did not think of it first. I have so enjoyed reading about all the places I missed during my week in Sligo and hope to make a return trip to this fascinating area, keep up the good work.

  5. Wow- sorry this has happened, and I sure don’t understand why. This is a great place, and I don’t even live in Ireland, but am learning so much about a place I am going to visit, and will learn more after I leave. I Think its a great idea you came up with and I can tell its a passion and I’m sure lots of folks are benefiting form it. Don’t let a few stones thrown at you, alter your path. Keep on going you two there are many that thank you for it ❤

  6. Val. Both you and Kate are doing a fantastic job as volunteers. Don’t you forget that. We live in Kildare but go to Ballymote any chance we get. My wifes father is from Sligo town (or should I say city). He was a wise man and always used to say “never mind the begrudgers”. Kept that in mind. Keep positive and remember there are loads of people who are thankfull for your site. Our two daughters are 13 & 11 and thankfully still love coming with us to Sligo. The land of hearts desire. Looking forward to seeing your photo exhibition. Well done.

  7. Val how awful stick your nose in the air and pay no heed you are better than that and rise above it your site is great and a great source of info when friends visit
    There will always be begruders
    Stay well

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