A Friday Chat

I’m calling it a chat because when I type I feel like I’m chatting to you so grab a coffee, take a seat and join me on my rambles. Speaking of coffee there is a coffee morning on Monday in The Blind Tiger, Sligo 10am – 12 noon…come and join us.

The tattoo seems to be healing nicely, it goes from feeling like sunburn to feeling like I have a spider tap dancing on my back but it doesn’t hurt so that’s all good. The only downside so far is that I’m sure I’m going to give myself whiplash looking at it!

I won dance classes with Sarah Middleton and the first lesson was on Wednesday, after the tattoo! We are learning a dance routine to a Taylor Swift song and I love it! Yes I’m the oldest one in the class but I don’t care, everyone is too busy learning the routine to pay any heed anyway. The only downside was when I almost fell over an exercise bike when I got a bit carried away but sure you know how clumsy I am. I’m looking forward to next week.

I also won a homeopathic treatment, so it’s been a week of winning. I went along to that on Tuesday, I was quite nervous as I really didn’t know what to expect. I had filled out quite an in-depth questionnaire about my health and any symptoms before the appointment so Eileen had a good idea of what I was about before she met me. It was quite and intense hour and a half going over all that ails me or had caused problems in the past, it was just talking with Eileen making notes.  It wasn’t a massage, reflexology or anything like that. Eileen is going to send me a homeopathic remedy which I have to take for 24 hours (I think) and make notes to see if anything has improved before I see her in the next 4-6 weeks. I suppose when you think about it homeopathy was out long before conventional medication so I’ll be interested to see how it goes.

I’m still busy painting and drawing. I’m wondering if I can use bits of nature in my art and how I’d go about it. I’m also quite interested in using wax. It’s great fun experimenting and I really love starting with a blank page and seeing what happens. At least I’ve got over the fright of actually having a blank page.

The camera isn’t getting as much of a look in lately but that’s OK. I’ve a big project coming up soon involving photography so I’m looking forward to that and I’ll tell you more about it nearer the time.

The Sligo Now magazine was out today. My second interview is in it and I also took the cover photo of Shane McCrann from The Blind Tiger. I love interviewing people, when I actually stop talking and let them get a word in! I find my chatter helps them to relax though and when they are relaxed they are much more themselves so when it comes to taking their photo they are comfortable with me. It’s great to have the opportunity to do this and I’m looking forward to this months interview, I’d like to keep it to ‘local voices’ so if you think of anyone who has a story to tell drop me a message.

So that’s about it for the time being. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and maybe I’ll see some of you at the coffee morning on Monday.



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