I have a unicorn

I’m sitting in the tattoo parlour waiting room. ACDC is playing, that’s a good thing….but it’s hells bells so I’m hoping that’s not an omen!

We got a call to say they had a cancellation so instead of waiting until tomorrow we’ve bitten the bullet and gone for today. Lucy is in first and I can hear the noise, I’m a bit nervous but not too much. I’m quite excited but sure we’ll see how it goes.

Well I got it done and I’m delighted with it, in fact it turned out a lot better than I expected. I’m not going to lie it did hurt getting it done, not constantly but on certain parts when the needle went over the bone. It took around half an hour to do it and I suppose it couldn’t have hurt that much because I was sitting there wondering if I’d shaved my armpits and how my spare tyre was hanging out! Anyway it’s all done now, I just need to look after it for a few days and the redness will go down.

That’s a big one off the bucket list, the next task is to get my hair done.

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