A Friday Chat

I'm calling it a chat because when I type I feel like I'm chatting to you so grab a coffee, take a seat and join me on my rambles. Speaking of coffee there is a coffee morning on Monday in The Blind Tiger, Sligo 10am - 12 noon...come and join us. The tattoo seems to... Continue Reading →

I have a unicorn

I'm sitting in the tattoo parlour waiting room. ACDC is playing, that's a good thing....but it's hells bells so I'm hoping that's not an omen! We got a call to say they had a cancellation so instead of waiting until tomorrow we've bitten the bullet and gone for today. Lucy is in first and I... Continue Reading →

Tatts and Tap

Not long until my 50th birthday and the mid-life crisis is well and truly underway. Although I actually don't think it's a crisis at all, I think it's kind of cool. I have got my tattoo booked for Thursday at Urban Gorilla....eek. I won't lie, I am nervous. I have no idea what to expect... Continue Reading →

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