Driving home for Christmas

Well we are all together for Christmas as a family once again. I went over to Athlone on Thursday to collect Lucy from college, she’d just finished her last exam for the year. Bless her when I arrived she had a gorgeous buffet ready for me, it was so sweet of her.

On the way over to her I was on the road from Boyle to Roscommon and saw this fantastic Nativity scene in an old Irish phone box, so of course I had to stop to take a photo.  It went viral and got published on the Daily Edge, The Journal, iRadio and also talked about on Today FM. That’s twice in a few weeks that I’ve taken a photo in Roscommon and hit the headlines! The last one was the Gaelic Chieftain in the snow. Thank you Roscommon for giving me photo opportunities.

In other good news I have two photos featured in the Open Season exhibition that’s on at The Dock arts centre in Carrick-on-Shannon at the moment. I’m delighted to be in the company of such talented artists. One is my ‘Snowy Sligo’ photo and the other is my ‘Horse in the mist’ photo.

I’m happy to be at home and relaxed and more or less organised. As I was walking the dogs this evening I heard the most beautiful singing coming from a house down the road. With the golden glow from the lights and the wonderful singing my heart lifted and I had to stop for a moment just to listen. It gave me goosebumps.

For those who might be alone this year feel free to drop me an email (valrobus@gmail.com, I will keep you in my thoughts and will be blogging about various topics over the days to come x

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  1. Lovely Post Val, thank you for stopping during those “moments” and sharing them with us out here in cyber space. Your photos inspire me to get my camera out, I have a love hate relationship with my camera- long story- but am thinking of pulling it out and playing with it. Thank you for your pats, and honesty thought out this year.
    My best friend and I meet for lunch this time each year, and what is done for the holidays is done, what isn’t, oh well, time to stop the busyness and just be.- and like you drinking your hot chocolate- watch the other busyness. Wishing you and your family a very joyous season filled with relaxation and quiet moments of wonder.

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