The most wonderful time of the year?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or is it? It’s pretty blooming stressful to be honest. Managing the shops is hard enough at the best of times without the added crowds and noise that this time of year brings and why do companies think sending bills just before Christmas is a good idea?

Good intentions of heading into Sligo town early this morning failed when I had to go to the doctors for Jono’s painkillers. After listening to a riveting conversation about the price of silage I was finally on the way. The traffic was horrendous going into town and the Quayside Shopping Centre car park was full at 11am but thankfully we got parked in the Glasshouse. I had a little mooch around the shops, got a few things I wanted to get but I wasn’t brave enough to tackle the supermarkets.

I’ve decided now that I’m getting the rest of the grocery shopping locally in the smaller shops. All the posts I’ve seen about the major supermarkets show long queues and people laden down with trolley loads of shopping. You’d think the shops would never be open again. I could understand it years ago when shops in Ireland closed for the Christmas week but it’s only two days at the most now.

What I do enjoy though is the atmosphere with the choirs singing and enjoying a hot chocolate in a cafe and watching the madness going on outside. Today was even nicer when we bumped into our friend AJ and he joined us for a chat.

The thing I’ve noticed most is how impatient people are getting, there was an awful lot of road rage going on when people were stuck in traffic and had no where to move anyway. There were also a lot of children throwing themselves on the ground having tantrums, I must admit I almost joined them! Couples were rowing over possible gift ideas or ignoring each other over lunch. Christmas seems so consumer driven and I do feel sorry for the shop workers who have to deal with this on a daily basis.

I managed to meet up with another friend this week which was lovely too. Everyone is so busy and you tend to miss out on the little things like a cuppa and a chat. It can be a lonely time for some. Ah well I suppose this time next week it’ll all be over and we’ll get back into some kind of routine.

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