20 Random Facts about me

I saw this idea on The Two Darlings and loved it so here are 20 random facts that you might not know about me:

1. I was almost called Valencia – due to where I was conceived – I know TMI, thankfully my dad put his foot down.
2. I was born in Hemel Hempstead in England but to Irish parents (O’Connor and McDonagh).
3. I look a bit Spanish and rumour has it my granny on my dad’s side was quite friendly with the Spanish sailors in Galway.
4. My Granddad on my dad’s side left Galway to travel to America, he only got as far as Cork where he robbed a church and ended up in prison!
5. We moved to Australia when I was two and lived there for four years until my mum got homesick and we moved back again.
6. I could swim when I was three years old (swimming pool in the garden in Oz).
7. I started dancing as soon as I could walk and won quite a lot of dancing competitions when I was a kid.
8. We used to have a ghost in the house we lived in as I was growing up. He was a young boy and would stand beside my bed.
9. I hated school, I found it so boring and couldn’t wait to leave, which I did at 16.
10. I passed my driving test at 17 and used to spend most of my spare time driving up and down the motorway for the hell of it.
11. I applied, and got accepted, into the RAF but I chickened out when I heard you had to iron your uniform…I don’t do ironing!
12. I almost died having my tonsils out (I had an undiagnosed bleeding disorder) and had a near death experience.
13. I met Andy when I was 21 and we got engaged after 6 weeks of going out together, it was love at first sight.
14. On our first proper date I was driving us home when a drunk driver hit us head on. We were very badly bruised and shaken and my car was written off.
15. We moved to Sligo in 1991, a year after we got married, we’d only been here once for a weeks holiday and fell in love with the place. Andy had never been to Ireland before that.
16. Photography was a hobby that turn into a passion. I’ve had no formal training.
17. I really don’t like taking photos of people very much and I’d never photograph a wedding, unless two donkeys were getting married.
18. The Magnum part of Magnumlady is a UK rock band that I’ve been a fan of since I was 16. I wish I’d called it something else but too late now.
19. I’m fascinated by people, I love hearing their stories and what makes them tick.
20. I’d like to have enough money so I don’t have to worry whenever a bill comes in, maybe one day.

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