The 12 Treats of Sligo

Well me and Lucy came up with an idea of our version of the 12 Pubs of Christmas featuring 12 Treats of Sligo. It seemed like a fantastic idea at the time but not so great for my figure or my bank balance, what started as 12 was rapidly expanding by the minute – like my waistline! Anyway here’s how we got on.

The day started in Lyon’s Cafe, we’d both missed breakfast so I went for the French toast and Lucy had the chocolate brownie. I’d have the brownie again, it was very nice.

Next stop was Le Fournil where we shared a Toblerone cheesecake, at this point the sugar was starting to kick in.

On to Eala Bhan were Anthony kindly gave us gorgeous Baked Alaska, Lucy’s was a Christmas tree version. we also got to drool over the Festive Afternoon Tea – it looked amazing.

I was starting to get a bit giddy and we sort of stumbled around town for a bit and ended up going for something savoury. We were considering our life choices at this point and figured if we ate many more sweet things our final stop would be the hospital! So we ran around a few places and took some photos, you can’t put on weight if you just look. We also bought a couple of ‘healthier treats’ from Sweet Beat – for later that evening.

Homemade mince pie slice from Vintage Lane Cafe in Rathcormac. This was lovely and it’s a cosy cafe too.

We had fantastic gingerbread and cinnamon hot chocolate from Osta that came with a shortbread heart – and they even have little biscuits for your four legged friends too! Thank you Brid for the treats.

We couldn’t go home without ‘trying’ the peanut butter stack from The Swagman, if you like warm chocolate mixed with caramel and peanuts you’ll love this. It’s gorgeous!

In the words of Blue Peter, here are some we tried earlier:

Winter Berries and White Chocolate Cheesecake from Cawley’s Hotel, Tubbercurry. Cawley’s have three different flavours of cheesecake all made on the premises and available to order for Christmas.

Mint Aero Hot Chocolate from The Blind Tiger. A firm favourite, I’m quite partial to their chocolate covered croissants too.

Coffee and cake from Knox, a cool place and great food.

Ice cream from Fabio’s, who can resist?

Knickerbocker Glory from Hooked, this was amazing and I love the quirky venue.

Gingerbread mocha from Hearts Desire, ooh this was fab and Tony has great taste in music too – sometimes 😉

Harrison’s Bar and Restaurant in Cliffoney have a great range of desserts, I’m a big fan of lemon posset and their gluten free one is delicious.

Rice Krispie squares from Kate’s Kitchen, you’re never too old for one of these. Kate’s Kitchen have lots of edible goodies too including chocolate Monopoly!

Ice cream covered in melted Nutella from Mammy Johnsons in Strandhill

Some we didn’t try due to full bellies but we looked at:

Grappa – a large selection of cakes and I’m going in here soon because I have to 😉

WB’s Coffee House – homemade mince pies, if they are good enough for a poet they are good enough for me.

The Glasshouse have a Baileys, Coffee, Vanilla Tart from Christmas / December Set Menu – Cost €30.00. Check out their amazing Christmas train set too – the buildings are made from chocolate!

So that’s well over 12 treats for you! Keep an eye on the blog in January when we’ll be doing to 12 salads of Sligo! We’ll need to after all that sugar.

It was a great day and worth the uncontrollable giggles in the evening. I was hoping it might put me off cake for good, it didn’t. Remember cake is for life, not just for Christmas.


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