Another 20 Random Facts About Me

The last 20 random facts post got such a great response that I’ve decided to do another one and updated to 21!

  1. When I was about 7 my hair caught on fire! My mother used to put rags in my hair to make ringlets (I hated them). We lived in a house with no electricity and one of the rags caught on a candle and started blazing. Lucky my dad put it out quickly, I needed a haircut though.
  2. It took me years to be able to tell the time and to tie my shoe laces, I’m convinced I have dyspraxia.
  3. I can’t see straight lines- my photos are always wonky! I can’t draw straight lines either.
  4. I have cataracts in both eyes – maybe why I can’t see straight!
  5. When I was dancing I grew taller than my partner, I used to have my hair in a bun but as I was too tall for him I was made get my beautiful, long, hair cut off. I sobbed.
  6. I’m clumsy, really clumsy. I feel out of a tree house when I was a kid, landed on a bee and it stung me in the backside! There are lots of stories of accidents.
  7. I’ve never broken a bone, I tried numerous times when I was young because I wanted a cast that everyone could sign.
  8. I was a bold child and got thrown out of the choir and the pottery class at school for talking.
  9. When we moved back from Australia the teacher in my new school in England used to hit me with a ruler because I had a ‘weird’ accent. Probably why I turned into a bold child.
  10. I wanted to be a nurse until I did my work experience in hospital and someone got sick on me.
  11. I used to work in a nursing home, one of the residents was convinced I was her dead daughter.
  12. I was a sleepwalker when I was a kid. Once I ended up in the shower and even switched it on. I still didn’t wake up!
  13. My first car was a mini, the same colour as the one in Mr. Bean. It was held together with fibreglass and tin foil and I didn’t realise until I bought it. Every time I went round a corner something fell off it.
  14. I had braces on my teeth, train track metal yokes. When they were taken off I was given a retainer – I somehow swallowed it in my sleep!
  15. The first band I went to see in concert were The Wombles.
  16. I’ve danced in the Blackpool Tower.
  17. I love exploring. My ideal day would be heading off to a place I’ve never been to before with my camera and snapping what I’ve seen.
  18. I used to be terrified of heights and the sea until I went coasteering (jumping off cliffs into the sea) in Erris, it was epic!
  19. I would like to host a radio show but I think I’d get bored mid-way through a song and move on to the next one.
  20. I’ll be 50 in under two months and I still feel like a teenager….sometimes. I’m waiting to find out what I want to be when I grow up. 🙂
  21. A kiwi almost killed me (the fruit not someone from New Zealand – sorry New Zealanders) I was trying to be healthy one day, ate a kiwi and ended up in hospital with a severe allergic reaction! You wouldn’t get that from a bar of chocolate!

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