Baubles and Bling at the Studio by the Sea

I had a wonderful day today. Lorna Watkins, who is a fantastic artist, came up with the wonderful idea of a bauble decorating workshop. I headed off to Lorna’s Studio by the Sea – and of course I was early! I felt like I’d stepped into Christmas, thanks Elton John for the inspiration πŸ˜‰

The snow was falling all around us – oh now I’ve turned into Shakin’ Stevens! The fire was roaring, the tree was twinkling, the mulled wine was simmering, just a gorgeous atmosphere. The company was wonderful and as for the food….just delicious! I spent a happy few hours decorating gorgeous wooden baubles made by Nutjob Design.


I’d love to do more workshops like this, there were some very talented people around the table, their baubles were fabulous. Some of them would have been suited to Brown Thomas (a posh shop), some to Tiger (a cheap, quirky, shop), mine to Greenstar (the rubbish company!)

Thank you so much to Lorna for facilitating such a wonderful workshop, I loved it! I ended up with more paint and glitter on myself than on my baubles!

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