Move over Rudolph, I win

Over the past week my nose has been sore and red. I was thinking of offering my services to Santa because my nose would now give Rudolph a run for his money.

I was going to put foundation on it but it’s too sore to touch and last night my eye joined in the soreness celebrations. This morning I went along to the village chemist and Hilary and Blaithin told me to go to the doctors as they were sure I had cellulitis. Contrary to popular belief (my belief anyway) cellulitis is not cellulite – which I have plenty of but mainly on my backside! Nasal cellultis is a bacterial infection that can be cause by an injury or bite or caused by bad circulation, which as I have Reynaud’s might be the cause.

Anyway off I trotted to the GP, which my nose shining to light the way and after it was confirmed that I have cellulitus I’m now on antibiotics. I just hope the redness goes soon as I look like an awful eejit. Even more so than usual – you’ll notice I didn’t post a photo 😉


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