South Sligo Tourism Networking Event – vital for your business

South and West Sligo, in my opinion, are hugely underrated. There are some fantastic activities, festivals, businesses, hotels, pubs and more located in the area.

It’s also home to stunning scenery, marvellous markets, wonderful walks and friendly folk.  In fact there is so much going on for locals and tourists alike.

Are you passionate about South and West Sligo? Do you have a business or product that appeals to tourists? If so the volunteers in South Sligo Tourism want to hear from you.  On Tuesday 21st November 7 p.m. in An Chroi South Sligo Enterprise Centre, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo a networking event will take place so we can make plans to let the world know about the best kept secret in the North West of Ireland.

Don’t let your business miss out. Invest just 2 hours and make a difference forever.

What can you expect from the evening:

  1. Find out more about the project and plans for 2018
  2. How your businesses can get involved, the opportunities available which could boost your business revenue
  3. Network and find out about  tourism related products in the south and west Sligo area
  4. Collaborate to showcase your product or festival

What do you need to do?

  1. Book through Eventbrite (it’s free)
  2. Bring a business card
  3. Be ready to tell people about your business

Why not spread the word if you think of a business that would be interested in this great event.

One thought on “South Sligo Tourism Networking Event – vital for your business

Add yours

  1. Going to this myself, worth a look, and meet folks. Every tourism networking things I have been to during the last 15 years gets your subscription money then fizzles out. At least this is a free meet up, worth it for that. The link up of activities, accommodation, food and transport is very essential.

    I must admit I am happy with the network and customer base I have, though its not a money spinner. Profit just seems to keep my car on the road.

    My opinion is go along, wnjoy the meet up, but ask lots of questions if asked to commit to anything.

    Of course this will not work unless all of the members make the effort. Sadly, I’ve been burned a few times by this sort of thing by people just wanting to get into my mailing list and content for their own ends, with no thought of how to be reciprocal. .

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