Marvellous Monday

As Mondays go this one has been a good one. I woke up to find I’d been featured in the OnlineLives section in the Irish Examiner. Thanks so much for Denise O’Donohue for interviewing me, you can read all about it here.

I had some lovely comments about the article and as I’m an ‘oldie’ blogger I’ll keep going as long as people keep reading.  One of the lovely messages I received was this one:Val you inspire other’s to get up & do ‘something more with their days’, you deserve every kind word, smile & mention that comes your way.” It really made my day.

In other news I have finally started sorting out boxes. Since we moved almost a year ago I just couldn’t be bothered and didn’t have the energy. I’ve recently taking up drawing so I wanted to make a ‘creative corner’, to do this I needed to make some room.

There’s a jumble sale in Sligo on Saturday so the perfect time to declutter and help a good cause. If it’s stayed in a box since we’ve moved I decided I don’t need it, so a space was made for my corner. The only problem was that I didn’t have a table – and as usual I’m on a budget – as in there is no budget.

I was searching but not having much luck. In my head the perfect table was long and rectangular with folding legs. I’ve always kind of believed in throwing ideas out to the universe and lo and behold one of my facebook friends offered me the perfect table, for free! Off I went to collect it but I’m a bit like a magpie and I kind of ended up with not only a table but a shelf unit, a Christmas tree and a giant snowman! I had to stop myself jumping in the skip. Well I’m all for recycling.

My creative corner has now been born. All I need now is a chair, an oil cloth and some fairy lights –  hello universe 😉 To be fair the fairy lights are an optional extra but they’d be nice all the same. So that was my marvellous Monday, lets hope tomorrow will be just as good.



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