Perfect pampering in Sligo town

In the middle of a hectic week I had a wonderful afternoon being pampered, well if you include needles as pampering šŸ˜‰ A new beauty salon (Milk and Honey) has opened up in Sligo and Paula, who specialises in cosmetic acupuncture invited me along for a treatment.

I was a bit nervous, well I say a bit nervous – I was very nervous. I’ve never had acupuncture before – let alone needles in my face and I’m not a fan of needles – mind you who is? Paula was lovely though. She has returned from Sligo after several years in New York where she trained in acupuncture. She explained the proceedure and showed me the tiny needles which are only about the size of a hair.

During the next few minutes I was turned into a pin cushion. It didn’t hurt at all, It just felt like someone gently flicking my face. The only one that was a bit tender was one in my leg, which Paula tells me is connected to my spleen – amazing! When all the needles were in I ‘relaxed’ marvelling at the fact I had needles sticking out of me. After about 20 minutes Paula came in a removed the needles and I was gobsmacked at the result! Basically the needles give your body a bit of a kick up the arse, that’s not the technical term by the way. My wrinkles don’t look as deep, my mouth isn’t turned down as much and the bags under my eyes don’t look as black, considering I only had four hours of sleep I think they worked a miracle.

When I came out of the salon I bumped into a friend who commented how young I looked and she had no idea I’d had a treatment done. So if you are thinking of Botox, filler or a face lift perhaps acupuncture is the way to go, well if it’s good enough for Angelina Jolie, it’s good enough for me!

Now if that wasn’t enough Paula introduced me to Linda who offered me a sugaring hair removal treatment….another first! Sugaring is similar to waxing but it’s 100% natural, the mixture is made with water, sugar and lemon and Linda makes it herself. Not only does it remove the hair almost painlessly it also exfoliates your skin too….and I have to say it smelt gorgeous! If it wasn’t full of my hair I might have eaten it! Linda sorted out my legs and my eyebrows, she also tinted my eyebrows too as I have a habit of pulling at mine and had given myself a bald patch. They looked so much better after the tinting. The video below will give you more of an idea of the sugaring treatment, they aren’t my legs by the way:

Linda has worked all over Europe and learnt so many natural beauty treatments. She prides herself in having a beauty salon with a difference with mainly natural, eco-friendly products. I loved that the sugaring is water soluble so that I didn’t end up with my fringe stuck to my eyebrow as I usually do after waxing. I also loved that there’s no double dipping as there is with waxing.

Now for my final treatment a fantastic goat milk bath, these baths are perfect for anyone with dry or sensitive skin. Linda added essential oils to the bath and I spent a blissful 20 minutes feeling like Cleopatra herself. My skin felt so soft when I’d finished – what a lovely way to spend an afternoon and right in the centre of town.

You can find Milk and Honey Beauty Salon on Water Lane, Sligo. You can also find them here on Facebook and you can find Paula’s acupuncture page here.Ā Thank you so much to Paula and Linda for such a lovely pampering and making me feel wonderful, very much appreciated.

Disclaimer: I was invited along by Paula to try acupuncture and Linda kindly offered me the treatments. All views are my own.

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