Nothing ever happens

Oh yes another sleepness night…and I know I shouldn’t be on my phone typing a blog post. One day I will leave my phone downstairs and use an alarm clock to wake me up… when I eventually sleep.

Anyway when I woke up an hour ago ‘Nothing ever happens’ by Del Amitri was in my head. The lyrics struck me, even though the song came out in 1989 it could have been written today:

“And nothing ever happens. Nothing happens at all. The needle returns to the start of the song and we’ll all sing along like before.

And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow.”

Enough said.

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  1. Goodness, it seems a lot is happening with you Val, reading your recent blogs and the wonderful things you are doing and exploring. Your pretty art, the singing, the walks, visiting lots of events, and sligo people and nearby people, the best food, and lots of beautiful photos on the way, plus your journaling blog. A lot there that other people dream of doing.

    Up in the night too, more out of excitement. I have these 3 months off to explore my writing and music making, as it seems impossible during the other 9 months, which are mainly servicecto others. Hard to contain myself with all of these ideas.

    By myself in the cottage for 3 months, nobody else living here, very few visitors, but no loneliness. Too much to explore to be lonely.

    Hoping lonliness does not get in your way, through all of those passionate heart driven things you do

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