Happy Saturday!

I have had such a lovely day today, so good that I almost can’t believe it. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time!

Firstly I did my first ever ParkRun today, now I didn’t run it all but I ran more of it than I expected to and surprisingly I really enjoyed it! I did some video along the way that might inspire some of you if you are thinking about running. Now I’m not going to break any records, even though in my head I think I’m Sonia O’Sullivan! I’m hoping to improve on my time though and hoping that I’ll be less wobbily in the weeks to come.

Parkrun is great,  firstly it’s free, secondly it’s nice to run with a group of people, thirdly they are all very friendly, so a big thumbs up from me on all counts. Although if anyone could point me in the right direction of some warm up and warm down exercises that’d be great because I’m a bit worried that I’m going to damage something.

After the run/walk I went to the first ever Strandhill Food Festival. I got there early and settled myself down before the crowds arrived and I ended up staying for hours. It was fantastic, great to hear all the music and I loved the way the tables were all in the middle of Hangar 1 and everyone was chatting to eachother. There was a really lovely atmosphere and great to see people of all ages mixing.

As for the food well I was spoilt for choice of what to have. I’d have loved if the stall holders did smaller portions so people could try bits of everything. This was done at the Ballina Salmon Festival and we got to try so many different foods. In the end I went for a vegetarian Shaka Poké, these guys are based in Dublin so it was great to try something new and it was fab! I also had a nutella stuffed cupcake from the Black Sheep Bakery and a gorgeous coffee from Driftwood Coffee Cart, on and I took home a salted caramel slice from Pudding Row. All delicious! And yes I’ve eaten all the calories I ran off.

The food demos were brilliant. Gaby Wieland, from Neantog Kitchen, is just inspirational and I loved listening to her telling us all about herbs and wild foods. I had no idea that a dandelion leaf contains all the Vitamin C you need for a day!  She also told us that nettles are the Irish answer to ginseng. I’m going to be out picking things now!

I also enjoyed listening to Fin’s Fit Food, Carole-Anne from Sweet Beat, The Wonky Spatula and Prannie Rhatighan. I even stuck my heard in with the kids to watch Wayne O’Connor entertaining them.

Well done to all involved in the festival for such a great day, I really loved being there and I’m looking forward to the next one already.

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  1. Delighted you made it to parkrun today! I went back to it today also in Enniskillen. It wasnt fast and it wasnt pretty but hey ho, 5k isnt to be sniffed at no matter how you get round the course. Its a great organisation. Well done you!
    You definitely need to spend few mins warming up etc.

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