A weekly round up

It’s been a bit of a week mainly consisting of me running around like a headless chicken. I must be getting better though because I just dealt with it all without any drama – well not too much drama. 😉

Jono sawed into the top of his finger with a rusty saw (not on purpose, he was railway modeling!) on Monday evening so that resulted in a trip to A&E. We were waiting for a couple of hours and although there weren’t many people waiting there was no sign of Jono even seeing the triage nurse so I went to check with the receptionist again. Lo and behold they’d forgotten to register him! At this stage Jono was in a lot of pain due to his back but after about another hour he got seen by a lovely doctor who glued the cut in his finger and gave him a tetanus. His finger is healing nicely now thank goodness.

It wasn’t the only visit of the week to the hospital with Lucy having to go along to an ENT appointment. She’s had a lot of trouble with her tonsils but she has a bleeding disorder so at the moment we don’t know if the tonsils are staying or going. The poor girl did end up having a camera shoved up her nose though to see if there was anything dodgy going on. They are undecided if she has sleep apnea or not. So she now has to have a sleep study done and then it’ll be decided about her tonsils. I thought it was quite cool about the camera, such an interesting looking gadget, mind you I wouldn’t have been so impressed it if was up my nose!

Apart from the hospital visits and a few other appointments there were some lovely moments. I got to meet a photography friend in ‘real life’ and she was just lovely! We had a great chat. I also went on a photo walk with my very good friend, it inspired me to get out the camera and actually use it!

Hopefully I’ll be behind the camera more often now. I’d sort of forgotten how much I like taking photos and I’m looking forward to taking a lot more.

So that was my week in a nutshell. Different to say the least.

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