The Caves of Kesh – Sligo Walks

The Keshcorran Mountain walk is one of the walks listed on the Sligo Walks website. I've given myself a challenge to try as many of the walks as I can. This one is just spectacular and so worth a visit if you are in Sligo. South Sligo so often gets overlooked by tourists coming to... Continue Reading →

The Caves of Kesh

  I can't believe it was only last year that I finally walked up to The Caves of Kesh/Keash. It really is a very special place and one that isn't as popular as some of the other Sligo walks. I really don't know why though because out of all the walks I've done this would... Continue Reading →

The Caves Of Keash

A few weeks ago I was in Ballymote and decided to take a bit of a detour to Keash. As you are driving towards the village you can't help but notice the imposing Keshcorran Mountain with its 17 caves! It's no longer a mad scramble up to the caves followed by a roll down the... Continue Reading →

Keash has gone green

Last night was a great night as we headed to Keash for an evening of song and craic and to see the caves going green for St. Patrick's weekend. Keash is a lovely place. It's located between Ballymote and Boyle. The thing that struck me most is as well as the caves being magnificent, the... Continue Reading →

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