Settling in

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I’m pretty sure this has been the longest move in the history of moving! Sorry for the lack of blog posts, we only just got broadband installed yesterday and we’ve been mad busy.

We have moved around 3,000 boxes of stuff…..I didn’t realise I was a hoarder until we moved! We now don’t know where anything is! I almost went into work in track suit bottoms until I finally found a decent pair or trousers. When Christmas is over I’m going to go through all the stuff and get rid of what I don’t want or need.

The dogs are quite unsettled, Puggly has separation anxiety, whenever I leave the room he cries, bless him. We do like our new walk though – the photo above is across the road from our house and the one below was taken up the road.


We still haven’t been able to think about Christmas yet – and we are fast running out of time. I’ve got a feeling this year I’ll be flying around on Christmas Eve. Either that or it’ll be sprouts for dinner, which is all I’ve got in at the moment!

So just a brief blog to update you all and let you know I haven’t collapsed from stress or exhaustion yet – it’s a close call though 😉

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  1. I’m guessing 3000 boxes is an exaggeration…? Otherwise, yes, you’re a hoarder (not that I’m one to talk). Don’t worry too much about Christmas. It will be what it will be and if you’re all together that’s all that matters. Have heard that sprouts are an essential Christmas food item in the UK and it appears from your post that it’s true. Okay, I confess, I read that in Annie Sanders’ fictional work, The Xmas Factor. I think you’d enjoy it 🙂

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