Settling in

I'm pretty sure this has been the longest move in the history of moving! Sorry for the lack of blog posts, we only just got broadband installed yesterday and we've been mad busy. We have moved around 3,000 boxes of stuff.....I didn't realise I was a hoarder until we moved! We now don't know where... Continue Reading →

A Room with a View

Thank you so much to all of you who offered help or got in touch and left lovely messages about our forthcoming move. We really appreciate it. The photo above is the view from what will be my new bedroom - pretty special isn't it? Even though there is nothing in the house at the... Continue Reading →

Home sweet home…..

Home sweet home....., originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online :). Well I'm back! Did you miss me?? We moved on May 1st, but only got broadband back today. Living out in the sticks as we do, we can't get broadband up the phoneline so had to wait for a man and a dish to come... Continue Reading →

Mass and moving

Wild garlic, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (moving). Firstly this might be my last blog for a while, we are hoping to get the keys to the new house tomorrow and then it will be all systems go. My back is killing me, I've been scrubbing bathrooms and cookers today and getting high on bleach!....I wonder... Continue Reading →

Moving and tagged

Flowing, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It's been a mad few days. We've had to dismantle beds to move them back to their original rooms.....which ended up with hubby straddling across a bed and trying to get a screw in (the bed frame you filthy people)....he nearly did himself a damage, it was hilarious! It's utter... Continue Reading →

Sunset over Knocknarea

Sunset over Knocknarea, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Oh my goodness.....firstly I'm watching Britains got Talent, oh dear, surely some of this must be staged??? There was a 49 year old singing Fame, very out of tune and dancing like a looney....she didn't even know the words. if you were going onto a tv show you... Continue Reading →

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