So long seals

Releasing the seals

Yesterday was a lovely day. Rapunzel and Thumper, two seals that were rescued in Sligo during the summer were released back into the wild. Seal Rescue Ireland do an amazing job with  sick and injured seals, rehabilitating them, and getting them back to full health before they are released.


Myself and my friend Fiona went along to bid the seals farewell. It was a gorgeous November day, although it was cold. I’m delighted to say my selfie skills have improved since our last trip to the seaside. I did have to have laugh when I posted it on Facebook though and captioned it ‘Where are the seals selfie’ and our friend Heidi commented that there was one behind us….it was a dog! Well played Heidi!

Neil and the seals

Neil from Voya Seaweed Baths transported the seals onto Culleenamore Beach – we did spend about ten minutes chasing the jeep but stayed put in the end and let the jeep come to us! There were a great crowd to see them off and the seals seemed quite happy to go straight into the sea. Well done to all involved on such a lovely event and to all the volunteers who rescued and transported the seals to the rescue centre.


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