Tuesday Motivation

Blue November

Wonders will never cease, I’m still on the healthy eating! Nothing short of a miracle for me! To be honest I didn’t feel like I was losing any weight until I managed to get into a size 12 pair of jeans today – and still be able to walk whilst wearing them!

Plus someone told me last night I looked thin – I’ve never been called thin in my life. Oh except one time I was told I had skinny shoulders…..

Now I still have more spare tyres than a Kwik Fit Fitter, I’d really like to tone up but no clue how without causing myself damage. I’m still suffering PTSD from spraining my neck in my first (and last) Pilates class.

For now though I’m happy with the way things are going although I am slightly concerned I’m going to turn into a beetroot. I did have one chocolate during the month and to be honest it tasted so sweet I didn’t enjoy it. I’ve swapped the cakes and crisps for a pear or an apple. I’ve cut down on portion size. I’ve cut out butter and white bread and I’m eating a lot more veg. I’m not a huge meat-eater anyway so the vegetable part is easy for me.

I’m still walking a lot, which I enjoy anyway. Running would probably be better but I’ve got a dodgy Achilles Tendon so I’m wary of making that worse. Also I find running very boring – and it hurts my teeth – strange but true.

I know there will be days now when I can have a treat and not give myself a hard time about it. I’m still quite worried that if I have a biscuit I’ll want the whole packet and be found in the corner of the kitchen surrounded by empty packets in a sugar coma.

I’m taking it one day and one less cake at a time 🙂

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