An L of a Day

Lena's Tea Room

In case you are wondering about the title it’s just that yesterday contained a lot of L words: Lucy, Leitrim, Lena’s, Laurence and Longford and that would have made too long of a blog title!

We’ve had a lovely week with Lucy back home for the mid-term break. It’s been great having her around the house again. The midnight chats re-started as did the healthy dinners being cooked for me. I’m not going to mention the washing machine going into overdrive with all her washing – oh wait I just did!

The Dock

Anyway yesterday it was time for her to return to Athlone – sob. So I took her to Longford to meet Laurence. On the way we stopped in Carrick-on- Shannon, Leitrim firstly because I wanted to see an exhibition at The Dock and secondly because of cake!


‘What is music to me’ is an exhibition curated by Sligo TY student Molly Budd and is running at The Dock until November 15th. It’s a great exhibition and well worth a look. What I love most about it is that a student on work experience has been given a chance to curate an exhibition. This to me is like a breath of fresh air as I know how hard it is to break into some aspects of the art world. So well done Molly and The Dock!


As it was my last day with Lucy for a while I took her to Lena’s Tea Rooms also in Carrick-on-Shannon. If you love quirky, vintage, tea rooms this is a must visit. The cakes are just gorgeous, of course I’m on my healthy eating so I just had a quarter of my cake. Lucy had some and I wrapped up half for Laurence. It was delicious though. I’m told their sandwiches are great too and I see they also serve Afternoon Tea which I think would be lovely. (By the way just in case anyone is wondering I paid in full for our food and drinks and have not received anything free or any payment from Lena’s Tea Rooms).


Back in the car and on to Longford in torrential rain but we made it safe and sound. We paid a visit to Iceland – the shop not the country. I had been very excited about this but only ended up buying a few bits. I was delighted to find frozen paella though. Andy has been on about that for months. I used to make my own but it’s quite time-consuming and I could never get it looking like a right colour without copious amounts of yellow food colouring!

Anyway I said farewell to Lucy and Laurence and drove home again with my music turned up loudly – thank goodness no one could hear me. So that was my L of a day.

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