The Enniscrone Eagle has Landed!

Plane Sailing

It’s been the most exciting few days in Sligo all thanks to the ‘big yoke’ and David McGowan with his Quirky Glamping Village idea.


I was in Enniscrone last night to have a quick look and soak up the atmosphere and myself and my friend Fiona went back early this morning. It had been hoped ‘the big yoke’ would end up on the beach sometime in the morning. Due the weather and the tide this didn’t happen but we didn’t know this until we’d got out to Enniscrone.

Maple Moose

As always the moment I arrived I was starving but fair play to Maple Moose for being open bright and early so we had waffles with nutella for breakfast.

Busy Enniscrone

We had to walk quite a way from where we’d parked the car and bless Fiona who seemed to have packed for an expedition to the Arctic! I’ve never known a bag weigh so much! She had a huge flask of hot chocolate, a two litre bottle of water, some of her hubbies fab fruit cake and goodness knows what else.

Sup by the plane

When we arrived at the beach we saw Mikee from Harbour Sup ‘n’ Sail who greeted us like long-lost friends…I love Mikee and can’t wait to go back out supping with him. His girls were paddling around by the plane so we took some photos and made our way further down the beach.


Oh I almost forgot – Fiona and I decided to take a selfie with the plane in the background. We failed big time – and this is the result! I can’t remember laughing so much though! I honestly don’t know how the ‘young wans’ take selfies, my arm is way too short and I’d forgotten my selfie stick.

Cake by the Ocean

So on to the beach where we managed to get prime view of the plane. We sat on Fiona’s luminous orange jacket and had our picnic. Today FM was broadcasting from just behind us so the ‘Cake by the Ocean’ song that Alison Curtis played was very fitting as we ate Brendan’s cake.

Anton Savage took to the sea to get up close to the 767 before his radio show. We could see the boat bobbing about in the distance, I do hope he managed to hold on to his breakfast! He did his show from a temporary radio station set up above the public toilets – only in Sligo!

Boeing 767

We left just as it started raining but we had a fantastic morning with loads of laughs. After about a ten-mile walk back to the car with Fiona in her high vis jacket and looking very official we headed to Easkey and had lunch in Pudding Row.

Goodnight Enniscrone

The plane arrived safely onto Enniscrone beach this evening. Well done to all involved for such a fantastic achievement and thanks Fiona for such a great day. It was all #planesailing


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