Not just a Cupan Tae

Cupan Tae

I love trying new places and of course food is a big part of my blog so when I went to Galway I wanted to visit Cupan Tae after I saw Belle post on Facebook about it.

Cupan Tae

It’s a very special place. From moment I walked in the door it was like stepping back in time. I was greeted by a cheerful waitress and shown to a table.  The tables were laid out with lace tablecloths and dainty cups and saucers. There were so many little old-fashioned items around the cafe, it was all very pinterest!

Cake and coffee

I was spoilt for choice with the cake selection. In the end I went for coffee cake which came served with a little cup of cream. If you aren’t a sweet fan there is also a great selection of savoury food as well. I want to come back here again soon and have an afternoon tea and I’d love to check out the Serendipity Room which looks gorgeous.

A visit to Cupan Tae is really recommended. It’s not just cake and a cuppa, it’s an experience and I wish we had one in Sligo.

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