Sligo Shops – The Cat and the Moon

Staff reunion

The Cat and the Moon is located in Castle Street, Sligo and is run by the very talented Martina Hamilton. This week Martina celebrated 25 years in business and had a staff reunion which I went along to.  It was a great evening with cake (I do love cake). Also Irish TV were filming so I look forward to seeing the show (don’t worry I’m not in it!)


Shell pendant

Earlier this year I was thrilled when I won this beautiful pendant designed by Martina Hamilton in a Facebook competition. I really love it and if you aren’t living in Sligo but would like to check out the beautiful jewellery you can do so online.

Cats and cushions

The Cat and the Moon not only sell jewellery, they also sell a huge variety of gifts and the great thing is that they are all designed and made in Ireland. They also cater for all budgets with prices starting at just €3! I’ve got some really lovely things in there and the staff are so friendly and helpful. You can find the online gift store here.


Many congratulations to The Cat and the Moon for their 25th anniversary. The rest of the photos I took on the night are here.

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