Cobwebs and Clouds

Green Road, Sligo

It started off foggy and very cold this morning when I was walking the dogs at 7am. My hands were like blocks of ice when I got home – it seems a bit too soon to dig out my gloves – and I’m still waiting for summer. By the time I got into Sligo town at 9.30am the fog had lifted and the sun was beginning to warm the place up. I took a little detour up the Green Road and lo and behold my mojo returned!


There’s always something magical about cobwebs covered in dew. It reminds me of something from Narnia.

Clouds over Lough Gill

Back to Lough Gill with the zoom lens on, I love the different layers of clouds and the shades of blue.

Diamonds in the sky

On the other side of the street the sky was a beautiful dark blue and I love the way the sun is making the cobweb glisten. Isn’t nature just wonderful?


So that was my start to the day before I headed into town and spent about an hour looking for dairy free margarine!

Autumnal flowers

Welcome back mojo and thank you to the weather for inspiring me.


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