Over 40 and forgotten?

Sorry readers I’m on another rant…I’m blaming the weather and the lack of photography inspiration..and the fact I’m sitting around not doing very much at the moment. I was on a bloggers group on Facebook today and there was a survey aimed at people who are active on Social Media and who blog. As it was a choice of the survey or cleaning out a cupboard (rock ‘n’ roll) I headed over to do the survey.

It was about health care brands and social media. All was going well until I got to the part where I was asked my age. The age limit was 34 – so what about anyone over the age of 34 who blogs and uses Social Media and in all honesty would  buy health care products?  I queried the age limit on the Facebook group and was told to put the age nearest mine…13 years younger than mine! Debbie, who is also on the group, suggested the over 40’s are the forgotten digital generation. Are we?

I’ve never had a problem with my age, in fact the older I get the more comfortable I am with myself. Sure this year certain physical activities have challenged me, where I would have found them a piece of cake before. Is it all downhill from now on? I hope not. What do you think?

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  1. I’m still surprised Val that this survey wasn’t interested in the opinions of bloggers over the age of 35! We’ve probably been blogging alot longer than some of these ‘youngsters’, so we could have added some real value to that survey.

  2. Also loving the news headlines that say an “elderly” woman was injured in an accident…only to read and find she’s 50. Ah, well. We’ll just keep going and prove them wrong.

      1. Oh my that does get to me too. Why the papers have to mention age is beyond me. It adds nothing to the story.

  3. Sadly many new bloggers forget how long the internet has been around for and honestly believe the internet was made just for them. Seriously narrow-minded people! They seem to dismiss that they, too, can age – a shocking biological fact apparently!! I’m 24 but no stranger to the internet – I was following some fantastic bloggers and design tutorial websites from a very young age who are now considered a forgotten generation, even though they kick-started a blogging generation long before blogging became the industry it now is. An industry that apparently is just for young people who blog about make-up for press. It’s totally ridiculous, the authenticity and honesty of blogging is disappearing completely. If you don’t like beauty products or are over a certain age, apparently you don’t have an opinion, or worse yet you don’t exist!

  4. It was probably designed by a young one who thought 34 was old. Her day will come. I’m comfortable with my age and no longer care when I am excluded by young people who really are just that, ‘young;. I was there once.

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