Foggy Friday

I'm probably in the minority but I love foggy mornings and today was certainly foggy. The photo above was taken at 10am on the Green Road, Sligo - where I usually take my shots of Lough Gill. I couldn't see the lake today - or anything else, except the cobwebs. Hope you like the pics.

Cobwebs and Clouds

It started off foggy and very cold this morning when I was walking the dogs at 7am. My hands were like blocks of ice when I got home - it seems a bit too soon to dig out my gloves - and I'm still waiting for summer. By the time I got into Sligo town... Continue Reading →

Cobwebs and Cabbages

It's been a fantastic few days as far as the weather is concerned. It certainly makes a nice change from the flooded roads of last week. On Friday I could have done with a boat instead of a car! Thankfully there doesn't seem to be any sign of the harsh winter we are meant to... Continue Reading →

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