Missing Mojo

My photography mojo has gone missing. I hate it when this happens, luckily it doesn’t happen too often.  Photography is so much more than a hobby for me, it’s a kind of therapy – wow that sounds deep! It’s my escape from reality. When I’m behind the camera I’m so focused (pardon the pun) that I forget about everything else. I’m in my own little world and always looking for something that catches my eye.

Anyway it’s gone missing big time and I’m feeling quite out of sorts and at a loose end. I’m so bad that over the last couple of days I’ve tidied my bedroom, washed the kitchen floor, vacuumed the car and made a banoffee pie..that’s extreme for me. I’m hoping it returns soon, I feel like part of me is missing.

On the plus side (and there is always a plus side) I can edit the numerous old photos I’ve taken and catch up on writing some old blogs.

4 thoughts on “Missing Mojo

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  1. It’s a great therapy Val, I’m with you on that. It’s my way of escapism too. Your mojo will come back, it’s sometimes good to have a break to boost your enthusiasm and creative soul x

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